July 15, 2009

A little story

In the tradition of all the eastern philosophers and guru's, here is a nice story to explain the concept of God, and reality.

A little cell was floating by on a river. It was very young, and like anything that is young, it was full of wonder. Now this wonder caused it to explore the entire place and it found there were things just like it in shape and manner, it called treated them as fellow travellers. There were also things that were greater than it, and it recognised the greatness and worshiped and idolised it, like all other little cells, it wished to be bigger and greater, but it also feared those who were greater and thus worshiped it. These it called God.

It felt after a while a presence, in the universe, a sort of uniting force, an intelligence of a sort, that makes everything the way it is, and makes things run, this force is what caused its friend to die, it is what caused him to become alive.

Suddenly the whole universe shook, as if protesting to protect its very existance...and then nothing.

A fish is eaten...
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