July 22, 2006

First Blog

Well, this is my first blog...YAY! I have been really busy. What with the summer job and such. Its kinda nice i guess, but i hate how everyone is so fake there. If someone is bieng nice i dont know whether they are actually being nice or not. Its really hard when i think i might have done smthg wrong, or smthg that could be looked at as wrong, but no one actually tells me smthg like "hey you might not wanna do that" or smthg. Why can people not be straightforward and accepting. I guess part of it is due to fear of what others might think. Well, it is rare to find someone who you can tell the truth to like say ANYTHING TO and they will jut take it as a part of the package. I hope everyone finds at least one friend like that, it really is nice to not worry about deciept and lies, esp. when u know the other person is also not hiding anything! Well i go to go have dinner now, so i'll be wrapping this up.
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