August 03, 2006

The News, and my opinion...

As someone who does not believe in the distinction between Good and Bad, when it comes to big/important things such as people, or what they do - I sometimes find the focus of many news programs rather annoying. No one ever mentions the other side of the story. I remember there was a big thing a while back about a bunch of guys and basically a whole community that promoted multiple marriages, and marraige involving "minors".
Here's what I say, any event that occurs mutually IS NOT A CRIME. Ok, so a bunch of guys married minors, as far as i could tell it was mostly mutual. They did show a bunch of interviews of the families, and they seemed pretty happy. And from what i heard on the news the main crime that the 2 guys who were convicted were charged with is that they married these people (or smthg like that). Well, that's what i think at least.
There are a lot more examples of news hiding the whole truth, most of you have that news incedent that they personally knew someone there or was actually there, and you hear the news and say "wtf? this is NOT what happened!". Well thats it for now, I lost my train of thought, so...i shall wrap this up!
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