August 20, 2007


This is what I officially call my path, it's just sounds kind of sing-song like (at least I think so). I recently read "Dao Te Ching", and also some other articles about Daoist philosophy from Just search it on google there are lots of free texts hosted on the internet. Anyways, a LOT of what it said in there made sense to me. A whole bunch of the conclusions arrived at in the texts I had arrived at by myself. Of course I have a Pagan twist to it, since I AM mainly a pagan, or at least consider myself to be. The "common inteligence" or whatever it is, that I mentioned in the previous post (see below) is in simple terms the concept of the Eternal Dao, of course like all Dao Sages say, one cannot put the Dao into words, to truly understand it must be experienced. .But otherwise, it fits quite well, I have apparently been following Dao for so long, I did not even realise it. Well, it's just nice to know that there are names for my own personal philosophy in life, names are not that important I realise, but having a name means that people recognise it, and most of all that, someone else at some point of time has ALSO arrived at the same philosophical conclusions about life as I have. YAY!!!
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