August 04, 2007

sorry for the absence. and what i have been upto so long.

Well i have not been posting for long. Who cares, i'm the only person who seems to read these anyways. Well, My spiritual journey has finally come to an end. I FINALLY have a name for all my philosophical, and spiritual beliefs. Paganism. Well, since its such a broad and often misunderstood term here is what i believe:

1. All things natural or otherwise have a spirit, a sort of innate "intelligence" whatever it is you may want to call it, and is a part of it as much as our intelligence and consciousness is a part of us. (aka Animism). And all these spirits be they living, dead, human or otherwise are connected in a very profound way that is not clear to me as of yet.

2. This connection makes for a "common intelligence". This is probably a bad term to use but, think of a bunch of your cells, each have their own purpose, each is as important and dependent on the next as any of the other cells, they ARE each a living, "breathing" organisms (and each AS IMPORTANT AS THE NEXT). But they ALL together make up YOU. Similarly all these spirits or "intelligences" I talked about in point 1, together make up something larger. This is NOT to say that the that "thing" is any more important that any of those spirits or creatures, since without 1 the, "thing" (or mother nature as i like to call it) will suffer and may even die, as much as if one or 2 of your brain cell dies you suffer the loss, this may NOT be noticeable in small numbers since the others WILL compensate (as is the case with nature) but if its gets to too many dying or going missing in some way then you will notice a definite loss, again as is the case with mother nature. This is my version of a deity, NOT quite what you could call a "God" by today's concepts of the term but as close as my beliefs come.

This is NOT to say I think my mother who is a Hindu is wrong, but to me the fact is simply that, for any polytheistic religion, the "gods" that they talk about are simply what I call "spirits" that are experienced by some as "gods". Monotheistic religions, on the other hand " (at least according to me) either only experienced ONE of those spirits more than others, OR have somehow experienced and interpreted what i call "mother nature" as an external being rather than a sort of "collective-effort-kinda-being" (which is a vague term i know but it is the best i can do).

Anyways this is MY interpretation of the world, if you have a problem with it simply ignore it, after all i am not compelling my beliefs on you. If you disagree in some way that is not too problematic you are welcome to comment, AND most importantly if you agree with it whole-heartedly then: "what the hell are you waiting for get in touch with me NOW!"
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