August 09, 2006

To be or not to be, a leftie? (yes that IS poetic, thank you!)

I recently learned (actually i knew for a while, but now i do for certian), that i am a born leftie, i.e. i am one of the very few individuals who are left handed. Sadly enough, i was forced to switch at an early age. I now am finding a SURPRISINGLY many ppl with said problem. A lot of them experaincing a lot of cunfusion due to the fact that their naturally preferred side is not their dominant (stronger) one.

well there are very few sites out there though, telling ppl wat to do under situations such as these, so if any of u readers are in this situation, tell me what do you think? should i go back to leftie? Has anybody out there actually sucesfully gone back, if so do the problems such as "cross-dominance" and right-left confusion (i have that A LOT), go away once your naturaly prefered hand is dominant, after over 10-15 years or so?
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